Reinforcing Bars:

SABA steel Industrial Nigeria Pvt. Ltd. is a salient reinforcing Bars manufacturer in Nigeria. In Nigeria or the other different parts of the world, the reinforcing steel bar comes with international standards.

Methods and standards

 Under thermomechanical treatment, the steel bars are running through a specially designed water-cooling system where they are kept till the outer surface of the bars becomes colder while the core remains hot. This produces a temperature gradient in the bars. After the intensive cooling, the bar is wide open to the air and the core re-heats the quenched surface layer by conduction, therefore tempering the external martensite. When the bars are guided to take out of the cooling system, the heat flows from the center to the outer surface, further tempering the bars, which helps them achieve higher yield strength. The flowing heat-treated structure allows preferential strength and toughness to the bars.

 Cooling of heated bars and rods for their strength

The pre-determined cooling of the bar periphery transforms the peripheral structure to martensite and then annealed through the heat available at the core. The eccentric and parent temperature, distance finally equalizes at around 600 0C and the resultant bar structure is of tempered martensite at the periphery and fine-grained ferrite-pearlier at the core. A similar temperature side by side with the final rolling temperature is the major important parameter to obtain the required mechanical properties. Finally, when the bar is expelled onto the Cooling Beds, the rest austenite transforms into a very fine-grained palette structure. After this process of thermomechanical treatment, a dark etched peripheral rim of tempered martensite and a gray core of ferrite pearlite get formed.

Role of steel in our modern society

Steel performs a fateful role in the evolution of humans in the nation. Today, it is hard to work out the world without steel. Steel has become crucial to our everyday life. It is at the root of the attribute of life that each of us enjoys today, helping to shelter us, to feed us, and to facilitate both our working day and leisure activities.

Market standard and customer satisfaction

SABA STEEL iron rods manufacturer Nigeria envisions a nation with strong values and stronger structures. Since our inception, we have strived to establish a network of firsts. In this tour of pre-eminence, we have passed several milestones. We are a pioneer of the technology in making steel and have set up one of the extremely veteran steel manufacturing set up. We aim to become one of the top-level steel manufacturers in the nation; we keep producing 100% genuine steel of supreme quality in the highest volumes. Our objective is to create long-term value for our stakeholders, introduce them to a better experience and expand ourselves manifold. Our alternation has only one end – pushing boundaries, uplift ourselves.