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A door, A movable barrier 

A doorway is a movable barrier secured in an opening, known as the doorway, through a construction wall or division for the purpose of providing access to the inside of a building or rooms of a building. Steel Entry Doors. Steel doors more commonly are applied by commercial property owners, but also are well-suited for residential uses. Beauty –Steel entry doors are available in smooth or wood grain textures in multiple trade names and paint finishes, and come in a variety of door styles, including some with glass.

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SABA Steel Industrial Nigeria  ltd

doors manufacturer Nigeria is considered a leading maker of steel doors and builds for commercial, industrial, and institutional construction and makes metal doors and chassis to meet the wide range of safety, protection, and aesthetic requirements. We furnish a broad lineage of quality custom and standard hollow metal doors and frames for new and retrofit building projects in the commercial, educational and health care marketplaces.

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In today’s time, when someone is intending to start their construction either in commercial, industrial or residential field for the new construction. To repair or reconstruction of their old buildings with innovative engineering and safety. Then, They go through to market for their electrical, mechanical, fire & safety,  accessories to make an imprint on society through their construction.  SABA Steel Industrial Nigeria is Steel Doors manufacturer Nigeria, and supplier in Nigeria. We also propose you to buy raw steel material Nigeria. We have various designed steel doors with high-quality standards and most competitive price. We have a large scope of standard size door Bring your ideas to us and we will serve you, give physical shape and constitute sure that fulfill your demand. You can not find a more dependable quality product from the securities industry in Nigeria.