What is the Hot Rolled process?

Buy hot-rolled steel coil manufacture by SABA Steel Industrial Nigeria Ltd. using advanced engineering & tools. The hot-rolled process is a process in which rectangular steel ballet transforms into a steel coil. Through walking, beam furnaces feed the material through the oven and heated workpiece about 1200 degrees centigrade temperature to avoid any change in chemical & mechanical properties during its transformation steel coil. If the material does not catch fire the right way, there will be some defects occur which can affect the quality of the merchandise. Heated ballet goes through the roller line where the coil reduces the thickness. Steel coils to discover multifarious utilized in a broad range of applications in industries such as home appliances, construction, automobile, and many more.

Annealing process

The three phases of the tempering process that come up as the temperature of the material are increased are realization, recrystallization, and grain enhancement. Annealing is the process of palliative steel by heating it to a temperature near below the transformation spectrum and then cooling slowly. This increases the strength of the finished product through the use of air hardening.

The surface Finishing process for removing roughness of steel rolls

In a semi-sustained line, a surface ferrous layer of Hot Rolled Coils is deflected with the use of hot Hydrochloric Acid. The coil is afterward gargled with cold and hot water. The excess water in the coils is dried at a hot air blower.

With the increasing demand for hot-rolled steel coils and sheets, our organization offers compatible quality and solid hot rolled steel. For this reason, considering all the norms or standards, we did advancement of the steel product class to cast the efficient end product for the customer. Saba steel industries producing world-class steel coils of varied thickness and width. We are a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of steel coils.

Materials that we manufacturer and supplier with high standard quality

CRCA Strips with carbon

Medium carbon steel

High Strength Steel

Steel Alloy

Semi process steel alloy

Mild Steel



Cut into Standard Sizes and Length of Steel Coils

For various applications in industries, every industry required different sizes and shapes of steel sheets and coils. Coils are retrenchment among sheets as per client demand. The hot-rolled coil is applied to various applications in the industries. In general, engineering usage of steel coil in the manufacture of armored combat vehicles, containers, doors, roof, frames, and so along

Our vision is to provide the best quality in the market

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